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*Limited Edition: We make limited quantity of these Carlins. 


  • Carlin creates a beautiful updo [classic updo, French twist, princess bun] that is comfortable & secure all day. No bobby pins, fake hair, or hair tie needed!

  • Carlin creates beautiful soft curls without heat! The Carlin can be used solely to secure a beautiful bun that lasts through your workday, workouts, and evenings without coming loose.

  • Carlin can be used solely to secure a beautiful bun that lasts through your workday, workouts, and evenings without coming loose.

  • Each unit of Carlin is handmade with gold plated jewelry wire encased in premium cotton velveteen that grips without damaging your strands. Carlin is always comfortable even when sleeping or sitting against high-backed seat.

Customer Reviews

Based on 456 reviews
Pam C.
A terrific tool for hair

The Carlin is a great hair tool that allows you to style your bun in multiple ways. Last week I went to work with bun at the nape of my neck, this week I tried it higher up. It works and holds all day wherever I put it. No pins or hairspray needed. And it is comfortable, doesn’t pull or grab. I love it! I hope it lasts for a long time. I was wondering about metal fatigue and how it stands all the twisting it is put through. Thanks for coming up with this design!

Lisa C.
Stays put!

My fine, thinning hair goes just to the nape of my neck. I wasn’t sure The Carlin would work for me or live up to the hype. I’m going to try not to gush here, I am blown away. First, it’s really easy to use. Second, it’s been my experience that once it’s in place it doesn’t move, loosen or release the hair. Your updo stays in place until you take it down. Finally, the bow effect is feminine and ageless. I often wear it to work and receive compliments. If you are on the fence, know that you can buy with confidence. It’s a quality product.

Stephanie V.
Thanks you for a great product!

I love the idea of the Carlin and I love that it’s really easy to use! My hair is long and thick, but when I figured out how to tuck the extra length into one of the folds (thanks for the educational videos!), I got it to work and it stayed in place all day! I have to adjust my ponytail multiple times a day and it can give me headaches because of the weight. But the Carlin put all the weight close to my head and I have not had any headaches. This is a wonderful product and I thank you so much for creating it!

Paige J.
Great for home and work

I have thick hair that goes past my shoulders and am pretty helpless
(& untalented) at doing my own hair. It didn't take much practice to
achieve a nice, neat bun that stayed in place all day, at home and at
work (long shift of a busy ICU nurse). Also, I also have a pretty
sensitive scalp and can easily get a headache if my hair is pulled too
tight - that has not been a problem with the Carlin these past few
weeks. I hope to someday have additional colors and feel very thankful
for this invention.

Deb C.
Easy and comfortable

My hair is very heavy. I can’t leave it up all day or I get headaches. Until I got the Carlin. I have used similar products before, but this is the best. Gonna get one for my mom too.

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