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Love it!

People think I spend a lot of time making the perfect bun, when it's very quick and easy. I put my hair up when it is mostly dry/slightly damp. At the end of the day, I am happy hour ready with curls. I think it helps that I have thick and long hair. The curls end up a little messy, so I clip it back to clean it up. Forgive my grays and roots coming through!

LOVE how easy and fast it is to make a low bun

Been using mine for a couple months now, and I LOVE how easy and fast it is to make a low bun. I wear it to work bartending and at a wine store, feeling pulled together and professional every time. It creates great curls when my hair starts out damp. Incredibly comfortable and very secure feeling. Can't believe how many messy buns with scrunchies I've styled over and over when I could've been using The Carlin!

CARLIN hair accessory
Jennifer K.@.
Purchase with utmost confidence!

Hey beautiful people! Please let me say that I am usually skeptical of online ads but the Carlin is truly the most amazing hair accessory I have ever used! Not only is it super easy to use, my long hair can be contained to keep out of my artwork while I'm creating. My hair is very heavy and it feels weightless while using the Carlin! As a bonus, it's effortlessly gorgeous when taken out! Thanks Mimi! You know your stuff and this girl is a lifetime supporter for sure!


HOLY CRAP. This thing is amazing.

Got Gamechanger! Easy to apply and lasts all day. I will never use glue again or pay for expensive salon extensions. Thank you!

Quick & easy

Although it took a bit of practice, I have found the Carlin to be a quick & easy way to put my hair up. I have shoulder length hair with average thickness, and I use the Carlin as a way to get my hair up off my neck while cycling. It stays put, works with my cycling helmet, and is a better option than ponytails & braids that tend to come loose when I'm on the bike. I'll probably pick up a spare at some point to use for other occasions. I do wish there was a smaller option since my hair is not very long and my head is fairly small. It's too early to say much about durability, but I'm hopeful it will last a while.

A terrific tool for hair

The Carlin is a great hair tool that allows you to style your bun in multiple ways. Last week I went to work with bun at the nape of my neck, this week I tried it higher up. It works and holds all day wherever I put it. No pins or hairspray needed. And it is comfortable, doesn’t pull or grab. I love it! I hope it lasts for a long time. I was wondering about metal fatigue and how it stands all the twisting it is put through. Thanks for coming up with this design!

Stays put!

My fine, thinning hair goes just to the nape of my neck. I wasn’t sure The Carlin would work for me or live up to the hype. I’m going to try not to gush here, I am blown away. First, it’s really easy to use. Second, it’s been my experience that once it’s in place it doesn’t move, loosen or release the hair. Your updo stays in place until you take it down. Finally, the bow effect is feminine and ageless. I often wear it to work and receive compliments. If you are on the fence, know that you can buy with confidence. It’s a quality product.

Thanks you for a great product!

I love the idea of the Carlin and I love that it’s really easy to use! My hair is long and thick, but when I figured out how to tuck the extra length into one of the folds (thanks for the educational videos!), I got it to work and it stayed in place all day! I have to adjust my ponytail multiple times a day and it can give me headaches because of the weight. But the Carlin put all the weight close to my head and I have not had any headaches. This is a wonderful product and I thank you so much for creating it!

Great for home and work

I have thick hair that goes past my shoulders and am pretty helpless
(& untalented) at doing my own hair. It didn't take much practice to
achieve a nice, neat bun that stayed in place all day, at home and at
work (long shift of a busy ICU nurse). Also, I also have a pretty
sensitive scalp and can easily get a headache if my hair is pulled too
tight - that has not been a problem with the Carlin these past few
weeks. I hope to someday have additional colors and feel very thankful
for this invention.

Easy and comfortable

My hair is very heavy. I can’t leave it up all day or I get headaches. Until I got the Carlin. I have used similar products before, but this is the best. Gonna get one for my mom too.

Perfect for naturally curly hair.

I wear it to sleep with all my hair done right on top of my head. Keeps my curls fresh for the next day. I just wet, scrunch and go. Also I love it for exercise as it does not pull my hair or irritate my head while doing exercises on the mat. Love! I may get a silver someday!

Beautiful wonderful product

I love it. It's what I always wanted in hair product. I have the classic red and it goes so well with my hair.

A blessing for transitioning hair.

Received first Carlin (black) as a gift. Currently letting my salt/pepper hair grow out from decades of dark brown colored. The Carlin is terrific at looking polished during this transition. Just had to buy the silver and red one for myself. Side note; I have hair past my waist and it still works great!

Great quality

I love the sturdiness and malleability of the wire

So quick

Love this for early morning chic style! Couple curls and done! I love my Carlin! I have 3!

Holds my locs

I have tried many accessories -pins, sponges, etc.-to create quick and simple undoes but found my mid back sisterlocks too heavy to use them. That was not the case with your simple one piece product. Even when heavier because it is freshly washed and still wet. It holds up. Thanks.

Awesome hair tool!

I usually twist my hair into a bun and secure it with a scrunchie because I’m basically lazy and just don’t want to take the time to dry and style my hair. I used The Carlin yesterday and was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was and how well my bun looked. I will try other styles with it. I’m so glad I bought two of these amazing hair styling tools.

Used it for my 7 year old today.

Used it for my 7 year old today. Did a ponytail bun before school thinking it would never last a day with school, recess and gym but it was still perfect when I picked her up! We just took it out and the curls are amazing.

Already ordered more!

This is definitely as easy and quick as advertised. I have already ordered two more. You will love your Carlin, too!

I love it

Love it love it approved by a nurse:)

Great for shoulder length hair

I am loving the carlin in silver!! I was worried my shoulder length hair would be too short, but it goes up easily and stays in place all day. The carlin has good grip, usually my hair falls out of everything eventually. Definitely recommend and I think it’s a steal at this price!

Curls w/o heat ? Heck yeah !

I have to wear my hair up for work. The Carlin is easy to use, comfortable, can be styled tons of ways, AND, after a 10 hour shift .. leaves you with curls that lasted through sleeping into the next day.
I recommend this product !

Love it!

I really love this because my hair is so thick and anytime I put it up in any form, I get a headache. The Carlin puts my hair up without stressing it so I really love using it and no headaches!! My only issue is that my hair is layered so it takes a few tries to get all of my hair into an updo.

even works on above shoulder hair length

I am growing out my hair but now it is about 1-2” above my shoulders. The Carlin still works. I wear it high in back as a bun to (1) lift my hair up and off my face and (2) cool curl. Somehow my hair has quit holding a curl when rolled traditionally and i don’t like to use a lot of product on it. The Carlin lets me take down a bun and fluff out the waves for a longer lasting set than I have been getting from rollers. I am 70-something and appreciate a new way to style my hair. Sometimes I wear it loosely up with wisps around my face.