Carlin product launch video

With Otis. Thank you 30K+ views! 

Magnify product launch video

With Natural Beauty lashes. 

How-to: Classic updo to heatless curls

Demo by Kalie.

Hairstyling inspiration from our customers 


Carlin for medium hair

How-to Carlin.

Carlin in London 

Demo by Stephanie.

Perfect hairstyle for workout

Let's yoga.

Ponytail to princess bun

No bobby pins required.

Hair styling tips for long hair

How-to Carlin.

How-To Carlin 

Thank you for your order.

How-to: Make a full bun

How to hide the ends of the Carlin to make a full bun.

How-to: Carlin for thin hair

How to make Carlin shorter to fit better.

How-to: Quick French twist updo

Get this classic hairstyle with no bobby pins. 

How-to: 5 Styles in 1 minute?!

How to style long hair...quickly! 

How-to: 4 Quick & Easy Hairstyles

Brunette long hair version. Classic updo, top-knot, French twist updo.

How-to: 4 Quick & Easy Hairstyles

Blonde long hair version. Classic updo, princess bun, French twist updo.