by Mihoko Ward

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Hair Types & Hair Length:

Q: Is my hair long enough to use The Carlin?

We recommend The Carlin for anyone who has long enough hair (and not too much layer) to put their hair in a ponytail.  Please check out this video to get an good idea. (HOW-TO: UPDO FOR MEDIUM HAIR).

Q: I have very thick hair. Can I still use The Carlin?

Yes, we designed the enclosed opening large enough to accommodate people with thicker hair. Please check out this video to get a good idea (HOW-TO: EMBRACE YOUR THICK HAIR). Also, you can always put your hair in a ponytail, apply The Carlin outward & secure at the bottom. Please check out HOW-TO: Transform Your Ponytail. If you have extremely thick hair, you may also want to put your hair in halfway up (see image below) first before applying The Carlin. 

Q: I have layers. Can I still use The Carlin?

If you have too much layers and unable to put your hair in a pony tail, we usually do not recommend The Carlin. We have seen many people able to use it but we believe they used bobby pins to secure shorter hair.

If you still want to use The Carlin, we suggest trying following:

  1. Put your hair first in halfway up like photo below then apply The Carlin so your shorter hair is secured. 

  1. Try applying hair cream or dump hair with water before applying The Carlin to practice until you get hang of it. We had good feedback from customers that this was helpful.

  2. If above 2 fails, you will have to use bobby pins to secure shorter hair. 

Q: I have hair extension. Can I still use The Carlin?

Yes. We inquired hair stylists as well as people with extension test The Carlin. Here is one of feedback I received: 

"I can't tell you how much I LOOVE The Carlin. I just got home from work and neatly and cutely pulled my hair up in just seconds. As a mom to twins this is the easiest and sleekest way I have found over the past year. Normally I pile my hair in a messy pony tail and end up feeling "messy" but now I still feel put together even at home. Best of all, it doesn't pull out my extensions. I have about 3 bundles of hair in and my length is 26 inches with tons of layers. I can hardly believe it all fits but it does. I use to constantly have to tighten my pony tails because if they were too tight they would pull out the extension and not tight enough may hair would fall out. Somehow the Carlin has the most secure fit without pulling or tugging on hair at all. I sleep in it every night comfortably too. I LOVE LOVE LOVE The Carlin." - L.Hicham

Q: I have curly hair. Can I still use The Carlin?

Yes. But you won’t have benefit of getting curled hair since you already got them!

Q: I have thin/fine hair. Can I still use The Carlin?

It is hard to say, but in general we recommend The Carlin for anyone who has enough hair length and volume to put their hair in a ponytail. I also suggest that you get the color that best matches your hair color. 

Q: Can I apply The Carlin to wet hair?

Yes. But you probably won’t get benefit of getting curled hair. 

Q: Can my daughter use The Carlin? Do you have kid size available?

We have seen girls (8 years old plus) use The Carlin. I suggest twisting around the enclosed opening prior to applying The Carlin so that enclosed opening is smaller.


Q: How is LIMITED EDITION Carlin different from non-limited edition ones?

Limited Edition Carlin is made locally here in CO and the enclosed opening is hand-stitched. Limited edition is better looking Carlin, but functionality wise, there is no difference. We recommend limited edition for people who is giving it as a gift or someone who believe in made in America.

Q: Can I request color?

Yes! We cannot guarantee production, but we are always open to suggestions! Please send us a message using the contact form. 


Q: I just placed an order. When can I expect delivery?

A: We do our best to ship your order as soon as possible, but please expect shipping 3 -5 business days per receiving your order. Your order will be shipped by USPS First Class, which usually takes 3 business days for delivery in US. You will receive an email with a tracking code as soon as your order ships. Once you receive the shipping notification email, please allow 24 business hours for USPS to update your tracking information. If you order includes backorder item, you order will be shipped once all items are ready. Due to free shipping offer, we are unable to ship an order in multiple shipments.

Q: My tracking information shows the package was delivered, but I did not get it. What can I do?

A: Sorry for your trouble with USPS delivery. We will help to resolve this as soon as possible. Please do take following steps:

  • Sometimes USPS updates the tracking information to delivered even though it is still pending to be delivered. So we ask that you wait 24 hours. If you do not receive it after 24 hours of tracking information being updated to “delivered”, please first contact USPS with your tracking code and see if the package is somehow held at the post office. You can contact USPS at https://www.usps.com/help/welcome.htm
  • If you still do not have your package after taking actions above, please do let me know by sending me a message using contact form. We will file for a lost package with USPS and we will do everything for a quick resolution. 


Q: I have an issue with my order. Can I get help?

A: Of course! I go through each Carlin before shipping it out. But if you believe you received a defective item, please contact us right away. We offer replacement for defective item within 30 days of purchase. Please contact us through contact form (or send me an email at hello at thecarlin[dot]co ). We try to respond to all email as soon as possible, but please allow 24-48 business hours for response. Thank you. 

Q: My hair did not work with this. Can I return it?

A: Thank you for your message. Sorry to hear The Carlin did not work for your hair. Yes you can return unused/new Carlin for full refund minus shipping & handling fee. Since The Carlin a hair accessory, please understand that refund is only available for new & unused unit for hygienic reasons. Please see the return policy here for details: https://thecarlin.co/pages/returns-refund-policy. Please send us an message (Contact Form) so we can confirm your eligibility for return & refund. 

We will issue the refund within 3 business days after receiving The Carlin back and confirming that it is new and original condition. 

Please note all sales are final for discounted items including items which were purchased using discounting promotion code.