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Style your hair in seconds.




Finally, a lash system that is gentle to your natural lashes.



I was inspired to create The Carlin when I had to make the daily choice between waking up an hour earlier to make my hair presentable for work or get a much-needed extra hour of sleep. Most days that additional hour of sleep won the battle. Working a job that required a 6 a.m. arrival, finding the time required to do my hair before my two-hour commute to the office was nearly impossible.

I desperately searched for ways to quickly get ready so I could maximize my sleep. I looked for versatile hairstyles I could do for a special occasion or wear to the office. A hairstyle that was classic and would not go out of style. I also wanted to have a great hairstyle without constantly styling my hair with heat, resulting in hair damage. Unable to meet that objective on my own, I looked high and low for a tool to create beautiful updos without much effort and time. After coming up empty-handed, I decided to create a solution of my own.

After experimenting with hundreds of materials, I found a suitable mix of utility, durability, and sophistication that was needed to create a hair accessory that achieved all my intended objectives. I named the accessory “The Carlin” which means pug in French and it was named after my pug dog Otis. I adopted Otis from a pug rescue when he was 7 years old. He was my silent business partner until his passing in July 2020 at age 19.


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